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Confident Aspire was developed by Creation Shelters Pvt Ltd and marketed by Confident Projects India Pvt Ltd. Confident Aspire is located off Sarjapura and in close proximity to the Indus International School. Aspire is flanked by Infosys on one side and the upcoming Azim Premji University on the other. It is a culmination of a strong work ethic, vision, and meticulous planning that is evident in the creation of this project in its entirety.


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Keeping in mind the structural integrity and the lifespan of the road, multi-layered qualitative materials and best practices have been incorporated into their laying to make them extremely stable and enduring.

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Street lighting and common area lighting has been provided which ensures brightness and power saving as a prime area of focus.

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Water Network

The overhead tank for the community is strategically located to supply water to every site in the community through a simple maintenance-free gravity flow network.

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Sewage Treatment Plant

Extensive research has been conducted to create an efficient sewage treatment plant that complies with international standards.

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UG Cabling

To ensure that the road or sidewalks are not dug up in the future for future installations, provision for all communication lines has been provided via a network of underground ducts

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Storm Water Drains

An enclosed network of storm water drains have been laid out to ensure that there is no flooding of any community property. The entire network is seamlessly created to lead the flow into the runoff provided at the end of the property.



DPS school
Wipro Corporate Office
man Icon 15km Far
Narayana Health
Indus International School
man Icon0.5km Far
Phoneix Market City
Infosys Campus - Sarjapura
man Icon 2km Far
man Icon 5km Far
Sarjapura Circle
man Icon 5km Far
Hotel Taj
Electronic City
man Icon 15km Far

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east / north + park facing


corner plots + park facing

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