Gated Communities: What to expect from them?

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December 23, 2017
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All about gated communities:

A gated community is a form of residential community containing strictly controlled entrances and are often characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences. Gated communities have plots in the gated area and the villas can be architecturally designed and built according to your requirements. But on the other hand apartments are completely built with allowance only for specific modifications.

Flats or apartments are sort of limited, in the sense that they already have a well-defined structure. A plan that is decided by your developer and his architect. But, if you want to design your villa or a bungalow, then, plots are a good way to go as there is flexibility to create it as per your unique needs and preferences.

Gated communities are safe as it has limited – controlled access to pedestrians, motor cycles & automobiles. The area is guarded by security personal to give more advanced security and to record all the entry & exit activities of the community. They are more relaxed, spacious and have a lot of amenities which can be utilised by the residents. There are more common areas for amenities and activities.

Today, it is not just the security that matters, but also the amenities, some of which border on ‘living life king size’, which are getting the cash-rich professionals hooked on to these communities.

Apart from an effective security system and an easily accessible maintenance team, there are multiple other facilities available within Gated Communities. A feature that is often most desirable is a large, clean and tempting swimming pool. Pool facilities will usually include shower rooms, life guards, maintenance and up keep.

Another attraction is the gymnasium and health clubs. These spaces allow you to keep your body and mind, healthy and sound. You could even practice yoga, meditation and other such rejuvenating activities inside a clean and peaceful environment. Also clubhouse and spas, dedicated areas for jogging freaks and fitness centres, well-maintained lawns, green stretches of golf courses, cricket pitch and multiplexes are something the potential residents can look forward to in a gated community.

Indoor and outdoor game areas are also made available for residents in gated communities. Outdoor sports such as cricket and basketball can be played without any restrictions. These areas will also be developed in a manner that they do not cause any disturbances. There are also safe and secure parks and playgrounds, especially made, keeping children in mind. Other facilities include wide roads and streets that ensure a traffic free environment.

Also while sealing the deal on your plot, ensure that there is no land dispute – civil or criminal – associated to the piece of land. With flats, these issues are dealt by the builder on behalf of you, so you’re protected from them.

Legal checklist:

Gated communities, matter of fact, all the roads and parks belong to the Government and the respective BDA/BMRDA/BIAAPA agencies. Association will not have any control on it.

General titles required are

  • mother deeds/supporting deeds for at least last 40 years trace
  • EC- for last 30 years up to till date
  • RTC-1965 onwards
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • RTC or Record of Rights
  • Tippani
  • Residential conversion
  • Plan approval
  • Latest tax paid & katha

The key is to find a good Real Estate lawyer to help you with verification. A real estate specialized Lawyer will verify all the above mentioned documents and if required they will make a visit to the registrar office and check the data.


Hence, Gated Communities are gaining popularity in a larger scale and are becoming one of the sought-after properties in Bangalore.

White County by White Projects is an iconic gated community for residential plots in Bangalore South (electronic city) built with global standards in mind. White County exemplifies class and ensures comfort like never before.

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